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Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

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The online Christian Theological Virtual Library offers these Christian PDF books as a resource to all student and scholars for the purpose of advancing in the knowledge of God, as well as other theological areas regardless of the school you attend.

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Prophesies Spoken and Revealed.
- 66 pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
Bible Statistics and Word Study Manual
- 500 Pages, Dr. John Perfect
Exploring the Kingdom of Our Lord and God
- 96 Pages Dr. George Forrestor
Ultimate Questions
- Vincent Cheung, 2002

Bible Studies:

Selected Sermons of Charles F. Parham
- 152 Pages, Charles Fox Parham
Parables Of Jesus
- by: Dr. Harold Bollinger
Faith in God's Promises
- by: Dr. Harold Bollinger
Seven Laws of Teaching
- By John Gregory 53 Pages
Sermon Starters
- by Dr. Harold Bollinger, Feb 2008
Review of the Bible
- by Dr. Harold Bollinger

Bible Surveys:

I, II, III John and Jude E-Book
- by Dr. Bollinger., December, 2007
Daniel E-Book
- by Dr. Bollinger, Oct. 2007
Revelation Vision
- by Dr. Bollinger, Oct 2007
James E-Book
- by Dr. Bollinger,
New Testament Survey E-Book
- David Padfield, 2001, 39 pages
I Samuel, From Priest to King
- by Dr. Bollinger, Oct 2007

Biographies and Autobiographies:

The Life Of Charles F. Parham
- 470 pages, Charles Fox Parham

Christian Doctrine and History:

Apostolic Faith Doctrine E-Book
- Jacob Regier, Author and publisher. 1970. 158 pages
- Used with permission of daughter, Joye Watson Regier.
This New Life Text Book
- Course: THNE100
- Pastor Dr. Billy Jo Daugherty, Victory Church, Tulsa, OK.
The Temple Prayer 16 pages
- By Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho

Christian Living:

Voice Crying In The Wilderness
- Charles Parham 146 pages
The Everlasting Gospel
- Charles F. Parham, 144 pages
Victorious Living
- GCBCSTUDENT, Dr. Graham Mhlakaza, January 2008
Preaching Of Jesus Christ
- E-BOOK by Dr. Bollinger, Nov. 2007

Christian References:

The Apostolic Faith NEW
- Topeka, Kansas, Jan. 1, 1900
- Charles Parham Editor
Apostolic Faith Report
- 1905, August
Apostolic Faith Report
- 1905, September
Apostolic Faith Report
- 1905, October and November
Apostolic Faith Report
- 1905, December
To view Reports from 1900 to present
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Midway Country Church Memorial Book
- Memories of Midway Church, Midway Oklahoma

Christian Counseling:

The Church And The Prisoner, 20 Pages
- Dr. George Forrestor
Introduction to Biblical Counseling
- Jim Newheiser, 2006, 196 pages

Christian Ethics:

Power Of Forgiveness
- 56 Pages Dr, Harold Bollinger


Personal Evangelism
- E-BOOK by Gene Taylor, 2005
Church Planting E-Book
- Danie Vermeulen, Author, 1995, 75 pages (Africa)
Successful Marriage
- by: Gordon Richards
The Great Commission GRCO200 Textbook

Free Books For You:

Books by Harold Bollinger
Books by Eldon Bollinger

Hermeneutics and Homiletics:

- Basic Hermenutics
Homiletics 1 Sermon Starters
- by Harold Bollinger
Homiletics 2 Preaching of Jesus
- E-BOOK by Dr. Bollinger, Nov. 2007


How To Prepare An Essay for a Doctorate Degree
- Dr. Michael Fiedler
How To Prepare A Thesis for Master Degree
- Dr. Michael Fiedler
How to Write a Dissertation for a Doctorate Degree
- Dr. Michael Fiedler, GCBC Academic Dean
GCBC Student Handbook 2022
- Contains important information about the school and your studies

Ministry and Missions:

The Process of Planting a Church
- Daniel Vermeulen
Bible Class Teacher 10 Pages
- Gene Taylor
Spiritual Warfare 65 Pages
- Dr. Harold Bollinger
Basic Elements of Missionary Work 68 Pages
- Dr. Michael Fiedler

Miscellaneous Books:

Christian Leadership
- 23 Pages by Dr. Watson Kondowe
Feet Washing E-Book
- 59 Pages by Dr. George Forrester
Youth Manual
- YOMI100 E-Book 56Pages
Stories Of The Bible
- 115 Pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
God gives Prosperity
- 95 Pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
Old Testament Miracles
- 114 Pages, By Dr. Harold Bollinger
Prophecies Spoken and Revealed
- 66 Pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
The Judges of Israel
- 63 Pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
Faith In God's Promises
- 90 Pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
Maidens, Mothers, And Queens
- 78 Pages By Dr. Harold Bollinger
What About Your Future?
- 213 Pages Dr. Eldon Bollinger
Ministry Unto the Lord
- 57 Pages Dr. Harold Bollinger

Philosophers and Theologians:

Doctoral Dissertation: Before The Beginning Began
- 112 Pages Dr. L.J Ehrlich Author
Ethics of The Tongue
- Richard Allestree, Author, 2000, 78 pages
Doctoral Dissertation
- 113 pages Dr. Matthew Owussu Nimoh
Basic Discipleship
- Pages 132 Dr, Harold Bollinger


- 75 Pages Dr, Harold Bollinger
Selected Bible Studies E-Book
- Robert Girouard, Author, 1969, 113 pages
Used with permission of daughter, Donna Girouard Berry
Celebration of Life
- 50 Pages Dr. Harold Bollinger


Family Worship
- Author, Joel R. Beeke, 2002, 35 pages
Ministry of Prayer
- 98 Pages Dr, Harold Bollinger