Level Two

The Discipleship Diploma

Level 2: The DD Diploma

DD. The Discipleship Diploma. The prerequisite is the DBS Diploma plus 30 Credit Hours. (total of 61 credits).

The 10 additional courses required are:
IDJE130: NCBE131: SANC132: HEBR133: FIKI134: SUAC135: SPWA136: HETO137: NCJE138: EXDI139.

There are 61 total credit hours are needed for this degree. Students may take courses in level two,three and level four but should keep in mind that the completion of the DBS degree is required for completion of the DD Degree.

All DD students receive a personalized course plan showing the required courses for their chosen degree Every time a course is completed, a new updated transcript and new updated course plan is automatically sent to the student.

As a student, you will know at all times exactly what courses you may take and where you are in the process of reaching your goal. Students successfully completing Level Two may request a "Discipleship Degree" suitable for framing. There is a $35 charge , printing, handling and mailing fee. PDF copies emailed to the student are avaiable for a charge of $10.