FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is GCBC recognized by other institutions?

Yes! GCBC has earned national accreditation with the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (AICCS) and the Missouri Department of Higher Education has granted GCBC the authority to confer Theological and Bible degrees. For more information Contact MDHE at 573-751-2361. GCBC has elected not to be governed by the U.S. Department of Education or to seek Regional Accreditation, which is more common among secular colleges and Universities.  If you desire to transfer credits from GCBC to another college you should first research to see if credits will transfer. 

Does GCBC charge tuition for courses or textbooks?

No!  GCBC does not charge for degrees, courses or textbooks.  GCBC is a faith supported college funded solely by free will donations.

Does GCBC award Degrees and Diplomas?

Yes! We offer certificates of completion, diplomas and degrees but this is not our focus. We are about pushing the Great Commission. Getting the Word of God into the lives of believers around the globe.

How do I obtain my printed Diploma? 
If you have completed a course of study, received your transcript, and are ready to order your 
printed Diploma, go to: http://afoledu.us/funddiploma.php
Where do I make donations for missions, orphans or the support of the Great Commission Bible College? 
GCBC receives donations with credit cards through the web site: http://afoledu.us/fundgcbc.php CBC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. See the menu at the top of the web page. Select "Gifts and Funding". This will take you to the proper link. A student may also donate with a check or money order by mailing it to: Great Commission Bible College, 584 W Neosho Street, Granby, MO 64844, United States of America