Level Five

The Master of Ministry Degree

Level 5: Master of
Ministry Degree

MMIN Master of Ministry Degree 36 Credit Hours plus a 2500 Word THESIS.

There is one way to earn a Master Degree. It is "Instructor Graded" Lessons"

There are 10 additional required courses for the MMIN. There are 11 Thesis Designations for the Master Degree listed below.

The 10 required courses for the Master degree are: ATGO610, ATGO611, BACO612, DEWA613: DEWA614, HEBR615, SUSC616, PRLI617, TEFA618, POJE619 An Essay of 1500 words (minimum) is required to be written in the students own words, using only the Bible as the only reference, after all lessons are completed for each course.

There are 11 Thesis designations to choose from for the required 2500 word Thesis. The Thesis courses can be found under the "Work My Lessons" tab in the "Instructor grading - Degree Pursued MIN" section.


MATH600 Thesis in Ministry, MATH601 Thesis in Great Commission Evangelism, MATH602 Thesis in Hymns of the Church, MATH603 Thesis in Homiletics, MATH604 Thesis in Pastoral Leadership, MATH605 Thesis in Hospital or Prison Ministry, MATH606 Thesis in Counseling, MATH607 Thesis in Pastoral Ethics, MATH608 Thesis in Youth Ministry, MATH609 Thesis in Worship in the Church, and MATH610 Thesis in Christian Evangelism.

Completion of a BTH or equivalent is a requirement for this degree. Acceptance by the Academic Dean is required before beginning this degree.

If the student has a BTH from GCBC, the student will be accepted and need 36 more credit hours. If the applicant has a Batchelor Degree from a Bible College, Biblical University, or the equivalent from an approved institution, they may apply to be admitted to the Master program. They will also need to complete 8 additional hours for a total of 44 credit hours. These courses are BIDO101,JESU120,&THNE100. (All students must have taken 8 required credits for any degree)

The 36 master degree credits are from courses in the 600 series. All MMIN students can view the required courses needed for their chosen degree in the Degrees Offered tab.

Students successfully completing Level Five may request a Degree suitable for framing. There is a $35 charge , printing, handling and mailing fee. PDF copies emailed to the student are available for a charge of $10.