Level Six

The D.TH Doctorate Degree

Level 6: D.TH Doctorate
Degree of Theology

D.TH Doctorate Degree of Theology
66 Credit Hours

If the applicant has a Master Degree from GCBC, a Bible College, Biblical University, or the equivalent from an approved institution, they may apply to be admitted to the D.TH program. There are 66 additional credits from 20 courses required and one 20,000 word dissertation. The 66 D.TH degree credits will be from courses in the 800 series listed in the student handbook. There are two ways to earn a D.TH Degree. They are "Instructor Graded" or "OLIG Online Instant Graded Lessons"

The 66 D.TH credits will be from these classes; ANPR810, BADI828, BICO715, BIPR818, CEOF825, DANI813, DIHE814. FAIN816, GOGI812, JAME817, MIAN829, MIPR811, OLTE7820, PAOF819, POOF823, PROP827, SEJE821, SPWA824, STOF822, UNGI826, and one dissertation from the 900 series. If the student has a degree or equivalent credit from another college, they will need 8 additional hours. (All students must have taken these 8 required credits for any degree.)These courses are BIDO101, JESU120, & THNE100. Students successfully completing Level Six may request a "Doctorate Degree" suitable for framing. There is a $35 charge , printing, handling and mailing fee. PDF copies emailed to the student are available for a charge of $10.

The D.TH has 10 different designations listed below in the 900 dissertation listing. The D.TH designation is determined by the name of the dissertation chosen by the student. See the list shown below or the student handbook for a listing of the designations and a better understanding of the 2 different Doctorate Programs. The 900 listings for the D.TH are shown in the following list. The Dissertation courses can be found under the "Work My Lessons" tab in the "Instructor grading - Degree Pursued D.TH" section.


D.TH 10 different designations list: DISS900: Ecclesiology, DISS901: Theology proper, DISS902: Hamartiology, DISS903: Pneumatology, DISS904: Eschatology, DISS905: Bibliology, DISS906: Angelology, DISS907: Christology, DISS908: Christian Anthropology, DISS909: Soteriology